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Aengus is a Celtic trickster god who, with the help of three other gods, enslaved the Nameless and killed his sister. He created leprechauns to serve, entertain, and protect him.


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Early Life

Imprisoning the Monster

Aengus, with the help of Bacchus, Heka, and Iris, trapped the power of a goddess into four Stone Organs and imprisoned her brother in Castle Blackspire on Fillory.

New Identity

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Aengus had an unconcerned demeanor, even when faced with a threat to his life. When told that the Monster could appear at any second to kill him, he responded by mocking the concern and asking, "How can you enjoy life if you're in constant fear of its end?"

Magic and Abilities

  • Divine Physiology: Enyalius is a Deity, a race of divine beings with vast magical power.
    • Divine Magician: Enyalius possesses an innate magical source and is able to utilize magic independent to the Wellspring.
    • Shapeshifting: As a Trickster God, Aengus can change his appearance at will. Aengus'


  • Ring: To be added





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