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Alice Quinn is a former Brakebills University student.


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Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: To be added
    • Magic Manipulation: Quinn is able to shape and manipulate magic to cast spells by writing specific formations with her hands, conjuring phosphorescent constructs of magic.
      • Light Manipulation: Quinn's discipline is Phosphoromancy, granting her various light-based abilities. She was able to concentrate photons into a large lense capable of cutting through the door of the Physical Kids' Cottage, and later planned to freeze a single photon in the air for her thesis project.
      • Telekinesis: Quinn is able to move and otherwise manipulate objects to her will, employing this power offensively to lift the Beast into the air before slamming him into the ground.
      • Shapeshifting: During the battle against The Beast, Quinn was able to transform into several animals, including a lion, spotted anaconda, an eagle, bear, and a giant scorpion. When the Beast got on top of her, she was able to transform into a large white dragon able to breathe fire. When Quentin Coldwater went to kill Ember in order to save Fillory, Quinn transformed him into a dragon so he could mortally wound the god.


  • Gifted Intellect: To be added
  • Skilled Combatant: Quinn is able to use her extensive knowledge of magic to her advantage in combat, employing a variety of eclectic praxis against The Beast in a fierce duel in Fillory, transitioning between offensive and defensive tactics without missing a step. She was able to increase her reaction time to match the rapid movements of the Beast, while also preparing several Magic Missiles to cast and erecting a phantasmal armor around herself. She also displayed a proficiency using polearms, using a magical glaive to stagger the Beast before drawing a complicated pattern in the air.


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