Alumni Keys are magical keys given to Brakebills graduates to bypass the wards on campus for entry.


"Wards and shields protect Brakebills. They are encoded to each authorized person on campus and no one else."
Pearl Sunderland[src]

Alumni Keys are given to every graduate of Brakebills. They keys are enchanted with McNaughton's Unstealable to prevent theft,[1] as users are able to enter Brakebills' campus uninhibited with the keys.

Alumni use their keys during the mentorship week when past students in successful careers come to offer their wisdom to aspiring Magicians.[2]

Alice Quinn stole one of her parents' keys to enter Brakebills in order to take the Entrance Exam so she could investigate the death of her brother, Charlie Quinn.[1]

Julia Wicker obtained Richard Corrigan's key following his death at the hands of Reynard the Fox, which she and Quentin Coldwater used to sneak into Brakebills in order to steal a time bridge to the 1940s to use a portal to Fillory[3]


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