Amanda Orloff was a skilled student at Brakebills.


Amanda was a loud, bluff, broad-shouldered girl with straight hair.


Magic and Abilities

She did magic in a gruff, unshowy, competent way with her big hands and thick fingers, as if she was wringing the magic out of the air by main force. She was able to break free of the hold the Beast had on the other members of the class and could use battle magic.


Amanda was the daughter of a five-star army general. During her Second Year, Amanda was considered the "star" of their class and was thus regularly called on to demonstrate techniques for the class.

The Magicians

During their Third Year, they threw a party in honor of the fall equinox, for which Amanda Orloff supplied a batch of mead she'd been brewing on the sly for the past couple of months.

During a very early morning lecture under Professor March, the professor was in the process of humiliating Quentin Coldwater for a question he was unable to answer when Amanda, in an attempt to help him, expressed her own confusion regarding the topic. Quentin was grateful and blew her a kiss. When Quentin tried to innocently disrupt his lecture, the Beast was summoned to their world through a rip he had unwittingly opened. After Amanda tried to somehow subdue it with a spell, the Beast devoured her alive.