The Ars Deicidium[1] is a book that details how to kill Deities. It was deemed too dangerous by the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands and was put into the Poison Room.


Harriet tells Kady to look for the book.

When searching for a way to defeat Reynard the Fox, Kady Orloff-Diaz spoke with Harriet Schiff, telling her that the Library of the Neitherlands didn't have the information in its collection, but Schiff informed her that there was no information the Library didn't have. After attempted to force Howard to access the Poison Room, Schiff went into hiding, leaving a note for Diaz to search for the book in the Poison Room.[2]


  • The book's call number is:
51°12'8.673, -0.808868, N2.3B²
π405.44², 1914, 793.8


  1. Translated from Latin: The Art of Killing Gods
  2. The Magicians: 2.10: The Girl Who Told Time
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