Bacchus, the God of Revelry, is an old acquaintance of Josh Hoberman who organizes wild parties where magicians and other magical creatures are allowed if they amuse him.


Bacchus was previously acquainted with the Titan Prometheus, an advocate for humanity, before the Titan's eventual death.

After the Plumber severed the connection to the Wellspring, Bacchus was visited by Josh Hoberman, Quentin Coldwater, and Julia Wicker at one of his parties. However, he initially denied Julia and Quentin access, telling them to come back once they were "more fun". After the two drank and performed a dance they'd made up years ago, Bacchus decided to allow them in.

Once inside, Julia and Quentin joined the deity, intending to question him on the disappearance of magic everywhere, but Bacchus wasn't interested in talking.

Bacchus recently resurfaced in Fillory, saturating the opium in its air and creates parties while posing as Ember.


Bacchus is an exuberant and outgoing god, always ready to revel and free the wilder side of his the guests at his renowned parties. He is not very interested in problems afflicting the magical community, nor does he seem to be particularly inclined to hang out with the Old Gods. On the other hand, Bacchus loves all sorts of excesses and the key to capturing his interest is being "fun".

Magic and Abilities

  • Divine Physiology: Bacchus is a Deity, a race of divine beings with vast magical power.
    • Divine Magician: Bacchus possesses an innate magical source and is able to utilize magic independent to the Wellspring. He is known to throw parties that lasts for days while enhancing parties magically enhanced drinks.
      • Interdimensional Travel: Bacchus is able to move between realms and space instantaneously. He was able to travel to Fillory posing as Ember and teleport to various taverns.
    • Immortality: Bacchus is immortal and ancient. Bacchus existed back when Prometheus was alive, and was present when the Old Gods left the universe.




  • Bacchus is the name adopted by Romans to identify an aspect of the Greek god Dionysus. Dionysus is the child of Zeus and Persephone; later Zeus and Semele after being reincarnated.


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