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Battle Magic, also known as War Magic[1] and Unauthorized Magic, is the discipline of magic comprised of offensive and defensive spells, the study of magical warfare tactics, and the creation and buffing of magical weapons.


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World War II

"It was amazing reading about how you used the Rhinemann at Gettysberg to win the war for the Union."
"And it was you who slipped it to Rupert Chatwin for the Battle of the Bulge. I mean, you changed history."
"Oh, I did, yes. Many times."
Alice Quinn, Quentin Coldwater and Neeny Bigby[src]
Neeny Bigby 1893

Neeny Bigby, a prolific master of Battle Magic, taught the course at Brakebills University.

Battle magic was developed as a discipline in times of war to be used solely for combat against other Magicisns. It was once a required course at Brakebills University and was notably led by Professor Neeny Bigby, a prolific Pixie-American Magician who previously won the Battle of Gettysburg for the Union during the American American Civil War. Professor Bigby was hired as the department head of Battle Magic in 1893, a move seen as a progressive step forward for Brakebills, which, while long hailed as one of the first magical institutions to embrace ethnic and gender diversity, was seen as rather limited in the species front.

As the scrying specialists at the school detected unrest and stirring dark magic in Europe, a Professor Neeny Bigby urged the school to create an advanced track of Practical Applications geared toward training students in Battle Magic. One of the spells Professor Bigby taught was the Rhinemann Ultra, a spell that delivers a powerful blast capable of destroying all matter in a 20-foot radius. James Forsyth and Rupert Chatwin both learned the Rhinemann during their attendance, with the latter notably using it to end the Battle of the Bulge in 1945 and win the Second World War for the Allied Forces. Chatwin, along with the other Battle Magic students of the 1945 class, later participated in the design and implementation of highly-advanced wards around Brakebills.

However, previous concerns of Bigby’s direction were brought to a climax when three students were killed and one irreversibly transformed into an ostrich during an unsanctioned duel in the 1979 school year. The course was discontinued and Professor Bigby's eighty-year tenure was terminated after a dispute with the school board against the ruling. Prior to leaving, Bigby hid a copy of Last Hope Options under an anagram in the school's library with instructions for how to contact her when it was their “last hope”.[2]

Attack on Brakebills University

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When The Beast bypassed the wards at Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy in an attempt to kill Quentin Coldwater before he could make it to Fillory, Amanda Orloff managed to break free of the mutant Magician's paralysis spell and began chanting a battle magic spell to release. However, the Beast ate her before she managed to complete her casting.[1] When Coldwater used Dean Fogg's watch to undo the spell on the class, Kady Orloff-Diaz shot off the Force Push spell against the Beast to little effect before being knocked down.[3]


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