"There is no reliable way to measure time at Brakebills South. There were no clocks, and the sun was a dull white fluorescence permanently thumb tacked half an inch above the white horizon."
―Description of Brakebills South[src]

Brakebills South is the satellite campus of Brakebills. It is located in Antarctica and is run by Profesor Mayakovsky. During their time here, students will memorize Circumstances and fine tune their spellcasting until it becomes second nature to them.


Banishment to Brakebills South

Mischa Mayakovsky, a professor at Brakebills University, was banished to Brakebills South as punishment for having an affair with Emily Greenstreet, a student of his, who then inadvertently caused the death of Charlie Quinn when Quinn attempted to correct a spell gone wrong cast by Greenstreet to make herself more attractive after Mayakovsky broke off the affair.[1]

As part of his punishment, Mayakovsky was placed under an Incorporate Bond, preventing him from ever leaving the barren and isolated campus for the next six years.

Brakebills Curriculum

All Brakebills students arrive at Brakebills South after completing The Trials, a series of tests used to thin out those who lack the magical ability to continue their studies for the school year. After completing the final Trial, students are transformed into geese and fly to the South Pole, where Professor Mayakovsky awaits them.[2]


The Brakebills South uniform.

Due to the cold weather, students are given fleece clothing with the crest of Brakebills South on them; similar to the normal Brakebills crest, except instead of the Key and Bee surrounded by seven silver stars, Brakebills South's crest has a goose and anchor surrounded by seven golden stars. The school colors are white and dark blue with white boots.

Brakebills South crest


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