"As you grow, your name will become an important part of you. Even the shape of the letters will connect with your will, your unique abilities."
Henry Fogg[src]

The Cacodemon Trap is a sigil tattooed on a Magician's back that binds a Cacodemon to them.


Graduation Gift

"Each of you will leave this room tonight with an insurance policy: a pentagram tattooed on your back. Five-pointed star, nicely decorative, plus it acts as a holding cell for a demon, a small but rather viscious little fellow."
Henry Fogg[src]

In a previous timeline, Henry Fogg brought the Fifth-Year students to an area below the cellar at Brakebills, beyond the school's Protective Cordon, where he tattooed the sigil on their backs before binding a Cacodemon to them.[1]

Fogg's Secret Weapon

"Each of you will be given a special word to command your Cacodemon to attack. They're a one-shot weapon, so pick your moment with care."
"What are you, uh, gonna do with it?"
"Lift your shirt, Quentin, and turn around."
"Oh. Those words never led to anything good. Well, almost never."
Henry Fogg, Quentin Coldwater, and Margo Hanson[src]
Quentin Cacodemon

Quentin and his friends receive their Cacodemons.

In the 40th timeline, to prepare Quentin Coldwater and his friends to face The Beast, Fogg and Professor Li bound a Cacodemon to his students before they traveled to Fillory.[2] During the Duel at the Wellspring, Coldwater released his Cacodemon to kill Alice Quinn after she became a Niffin, but later learned Quinn was instead bound to Coldwater when his Cacodemon couldn't kill her.[3] After realizing that holding a Niffin in his body was killing him, Coldwater attempted to restore Alice to a human but was forced to release her before they both died.[4]


  • Margo Hanson and Quentin Coldwater are the only ones to show their trap after initially getting tattooed.
  • In The Magicians, the Trap is described as a five-pointed star tattooed in the middle of a Magician's back, but in the show, it's a sigil based on the name of the Magician.


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