"Unleash these and believe me, they'll keep The Beast plenty busy."
Henry Fogg[src]

Cacodemons are demonic spirits of ash that can be tamed and used as a weapon by Magicians.


Fogg's Secret Weapon

"Bigby isn't the only one who tucked away a few secrets."
Henry Fogg[src]

To help his students face The Beast in Fillory, Henry Fogg brought Quentin Coldwater, Alice Quinn, Penny, and Margo Hanson outside of the Brakebills Protective Cordon to a sub-basement where Professor Li tattooed a magical trap on their backs before binding a Cacodemon to it. Fogg then gave the students a special command to release the Cacodemon when they faced the Beast.[1]

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Characteristic Traits

"A small but rather vicious little fellow."
Henry Fogg[src]

Cacodemons are powerful demons that can be tamed by magicians to be used as weapons. A young Cacodemon have a similar appearance to that of a salamander made of fire and coal. They start out small, roughly the size of a piece of coal although they are said to be able to grow much bigger as they mature. They can be stored within the bodies of magicians themselves with a spell tattooed across their backs. However, it is known to be an extremely painful process, both the tattooing and insertion of the creature.

Following which, they can be released with a special command to attack. When let loose, they become a dark smokey apparition taking the appearance of a winged demon and release a bright flash of light when hitting their enemies. Not much is known about their capabilities however, four Cacodemons were believed to be able to stall the Beast and give a magician enough time to cast the Rhinemann Ultra.

Additionally, one Cacodemon was strong enough to battle Niffin Alice for a short period. Though it knew it could not defeat her, it was able to trap her inside Quentin Coldwater's tattoo.


  • A Cacodemon is an evil spirit or a demon coined by Shakespeare in Richard III Act 1 Scene 3.



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