"So, according to the story, she was a nymph, which not a god, but I assume a pretty powerful creature, considering she had him in lockdown for, like, seven full years on an island called Ogai Ogiji? Ogijia?"
Kady Orloff-Diaz[src]

Calypso is a Nymph and the architect of the gods known for creating Castle Blackspire. In modern times, Callie is the CEO of Ogygia, a tech company responsible for creating a popular mobile game "Candy Colliders" known for luring people in to playing for days on end.


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Calypso appear to be a great designer who took great pride in her work. Though she did not share the same love for humans as Prometheus, she had a strong moral standing. Making sure Ora and her father were willing to be jailers of the monster for all eternity of their own free will as well as making sure she could leave Castle Blackspire any time she wanted.

Magic and Abilities

  • Nymph Physiology: To be added
    • Architectural Magic: Calypso was a great architect who could create inescapable magical prisons, physical as well as virtual, and buildings that were of the "most perfect design". By her own admission she is "constitutionally incapable of designing an ugly building". Her powers and precision was so perfect that she was commissioned by the Old Gods to design Castle Blackspire as a prison for a multitude of the their mistakes, like the monster.
    • Immortality: Calypso appear to be an un-aging being, having been around for thousands of years. However, it is possible that like deities, she is not invincible and can be killed with powerful magic.


  • In Greek mythology, Calypso was a Nereid, a nymph of the sky, and the daughter of the Atlas, the Titan charged with holding the sky from the earth.
  • In etymology, Calypso derives from the Greek word καλύπτω (kalyptō), meaning "to conceal" or "to deceive".


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