"Cautiously, as if she were retrieving a hot dish from an oven, Alice plucked at the glass marble with her fingertips. It was now molten from the heat, and it pulled like taffy. In four quick, sure motions shegave the marble four legs, then added a head. When she took her hands away and blew on it the marble rolled over, shook itself once, and stood up. It had becoe a tiny, plump glass animal. It began to walk across the table."
Alice Quinn performs a lesser Cavaleri Animation.[src]

The Cavaleri Animation is a spell used to give life to inanimate objects.


When Alice Quinn was asked to demonstrate her magic on a marble, she performed the animation after using Dempsey's Silent Thermogenesis to melt the marble, animating the marble into the form of a glass horse.The horse then proceeded to trot down the table until Quinn swept it into her hands as she made her way back to her seat.[1][2]



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