"The Centaurs saved my life when no-one else could. Now, I repay that debt by serving them as a nurse."
"The Centaurs?"
―Nurse and Quentin Coldwater[src]

Centaurs are a race of half-humanoid, half-horse people. In Fillory, Centaurs are skilled Healers and are located at Retreat in northern Fillory.


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Characteristic Traits

Centaurs appear human from the abdomen to the head, while the rest of their body was that of a horse. They are renown healers who specialize in wood magic, able to create prosthetics from organic materials.

They are also strict vegetarians and eat large wooden troughs full of spinach, lettuce, arugula, and sharp dandelion greens delicately oiled and spiced for meals. To clean themselves, they bathe in large rectangular stone pools of varying temperatures, each one large enough for humans to do three breaststrokes from one edge to another - similar to Roman baths. They were also deep enough to cause Quentin Coldwater to nearly blackout before touching to bottom.

They consider humans to be inferior beings who were severed from their rightful horse halves by an unhappy accident at birth and regard them with pity.

At the Retreat, the centaurs keep a small herd of tame horses that roam the monastery freely whom they frequently copulate with, publicly and loudly.

Known Centaurs


  • Centaurs originally come from Greek Mythology, and were known as being wild, violent and lustful, with the exception of the noble Chiron. He developed the art of stargazing, believed that certain aspects of the future could be deciphered from them, and was also a skilled healer.
    • The word "Centaur" is derived from the original Greek word Kentauros, and is generally regarded as of obscure origin, though in myth the name is based on Centaurus, who was said to be the father of the Centaur race
  • Quentin Coldwater noted that Centaurs seem "distinctly German".
  • According to Christopher Plover, Centaurs view necrophilia as a way of honoring the dead.


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