Charles "Charlie" Quinn was the older brother of Alice Quinn, firstborn son of Daniel and Stephanie Quinn. Before the incident that left him as a Niffin, he was a promising student at Brakebills.


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Early Life

Attending Brakebills

Charlie Quinn was born in Illinois to Daniel and Stephanie Quinn, and was raised with his younger sister Alice. Due to their parents' eccentric lifestyle, Quinn and Alice grew up relying on each other and developed a close bond, as Quinn would sing to his sister whenever she was feeling down and later taught her enough magic to turn a glass marble into a horse.[1]

In 2009, when Alice received a pink diary from Santa Claus, Quinn was thought to have gotten it for his sister by his parents, though he thought they bought it for Alice.[2]

A year later, when he left to attend Brakebills University, Quinn gave his sister a set of Fillory and Further books to read. Charlie's Discipline was determined to be Physical Magic, and he moved into the Physical Kids' Cottage, where he developed a crush on Emily Greenstreet, a senior at the school.


"It was too much. I begged him to stop, but he wouldn't, and that's when it went totally out of control. It burned right through him until he wasn't there anymore."
Emily Greenstreet[src]

One night while he was studying in the Cottage, Quinn heard Greenstreet cry out and run from the building, and he followed her to Van Pelt Fountain, where she was preparing to kill herself due to messing up a spell to change her appearance. After seeing the damage, Quinn went to grab several materials for spells in an attempt to undo the spell Greenstreet used.

However, due to Quinn combining multiple different spells, the amount of magic quickly overwhelmed and consumed him, burning him from the inside out with a blue flame, transforming him into a Niffin. Following his transformation, Quinn remained dormant at Van Pelt until 2016, when Alice enrolled at Brakebills and began investigating his reported death.

Bound by Quentin Coldwater

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After Alice and Quentin Coldwater attempted to locate his spirit, Quinn awoke in Van Pelt, where he attacked two students sitting on the fountain's edge. Later, after leaving several horse figurines in Alice's room at the Cottage, Quinn revealed himself to his sister.


"You don't think your brother–"
"No. He wasn't that kind of guy. He was the kind of guy who always wanted to fix things for everyone around him. He was really, really good."
Quentin Coldwater and Alice Quinn[src]

Charlie was a nice and friendly guy, always ready to help his friends. Whenever his sister Alice was down in the dumps, he always knew how to make her laugh. Following his transformation into a Niffin, Charlie's Shade was lost and when summoned by his sister, expressed no empathy and attempted to kill her.

Magic and Abilities

  • Niffin Physiology: Charlie is a being of pure magical energy which allows him to perform magical acts that far exceeds the capabilities of human magicians. However, he is a magical creature that draws directly from the Wellspring and is affected when access to it was cut off.
    • Enhanced Senses As a Niffin he perceives, understands, and uses magic to a much more profound degree than any human although his abilities were never explored as he was shortly boxed after appearing.

Former Powers

  • Magician Charlie was a promising magician. He was skilled and able to learn complicated spells and run them quite easily. His discipline was Physical Magic.
    • Wellspring Magic Manipulation: Quinn was able to shape and manipulate the energy of the Wellspring to cast spells by writing specific formations with his hands, forming phosphorescent constructs of energy.






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