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The Chase in the Neitherlands was an attempt by the Neitherlanders to prevent Penny Adiyodi and the Physical Kids from reaching Fillory after they joined forces with The Beast in his attempt to completely control the magical land.


"Any idea who the motherfuckers in the hoods are that are trying to kill me?"
"The locals used to work for us in a custodial function, but labor relations have become somewhat strained of late. We had to ban them from the libraries. They've been thoroughly cursed, so they can't use the fountains, but that hasn't stopped them from finding other employment, some with a particularly nasty entity."
"The Beast?"
"Well, he has many names."
Penny Adiyodi and Zelda Schiff[src]

The Neitherlanders previously were employed by the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands as custodians for the Neitherlands, but later broke ties with the Order due to strained labor relations and became banned from using the Fountains. Martin Chatwin later convinced the natives to work for him in his campaign to control all passageways into Fillory, killing any travelers that they came across. When Penny Adiyodi accidentally arrived in the Neitherlands, he was quickly set upon be Eve, who attempted to take the button he used to teleport to the planet, but Adiyodi was able to return to Earth after Quentin Coldwater and Alice Quinn performed a spell to create a beacon for him to the Earth Plaza.[1]


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