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"Didn't you die?"
"On the linear plane, yes. Not here, in the Clock Barrens."
"Right. So some kind of timey-wimey magic going on here."
"Time loops are not my only trick. Here I managed to create a spot where all moments exist at the same time."
Margo Hanson and Jane Chatwin[src]

The Clock Barrens is a magical grove in Fillory used by Jane Chatwin as a nexus point between all of her timelines. The Barrens earns its name due to the pieces of clockwork found in the soil.


After the Dwarves gave her a magical watch to stop her brother from taking over Fillory, Jane Chatwin settled in the Clock Barrens and used her magic to create a nexus for all points in time.

After receiving a letter from Quentin Coldwater explaining his and Eliot Waugh's death while looking for one of the Seven Golden Keys at the Mosaic, Margo Hanson traveled to the Clock Barrens to ask Chatwin for the Time Key. Chatwin, however, revealed that she couldn't give the key to her since its power maintains the Clock Barrens and told Hanson that she could take the key from her body at Brakebills University on the linear plane, where she was buried following her death.[1]

Eliot Waugh later traveled to Chatwin's cottage to ask her to change the past and prevent the death Coldwater following his sacrifice in the Mirror Realm, but she explained that undoing Coldwater's death would mean removing all of the changes it caused and advised Waugh to let the dead rest. Waugh later stole several of Chatwin's trinkets used to change time, including the Permenance Purfume and Time Stamps.[2]


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