"It was a beast of a clock, with a big fat brass face orbited by four smaller dials tracking the months and the phases of the moon and the signs of the zodiac and God knew what else, all framed in plain, uncarved dark wood. The words must have been hellishly complex, the eighteenth-century equivalent of a supercomputer."
―Description of the Clock Portal[src]

The Clock Portal, also known as the First Door, was an enchanted grandfather clock used by the Chatwins to travel from Earth to Fillory.


Sloppy plotting
"That's just sloppy plotting."
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In the Book Timeline the clock belonged originally to Chatwin's grandfather and it was in their aunt's house. When Quentin and Julia Wicker alongside with Josh and Poppy.

In the 40th Timeline the clock belonged to Christopher Plover and the Chatwin sibilings used it as a portal in their first journey to Fillory. In 2016 Quentin and Julia Wicker saw it in a house where, later when Eliot Waugh was exiled from Fillory by Ember he and Quentin found it with a lot of memorabilia from Fillory and Further series.

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