The Consciousness Building is a facility used by Psychics at Brakebills University, located by the Metaphysics Center and Telekinesis & Psychokinesis Building on the southwestern quadrant of campus.


The Consciousness Building was established after Brakebills University was founded in 1763, assigned as the House for students of the Psychic discipline. After enrolling to Brakebills to find a way to stop the voices in his head,[1] Penny Adiyodi was sent to the Consciousness Building and was greeted by Camille, who gave him a tour of the building.

When Adiyodi asked why Psychics would want to use the Amplifier, she realized that he was trying to give up his abilities and advised him to control them instead. Later, Adiyodi took Camille's advice and began meditating on one of the coves where he heard a voice from another world calling out for help.[2]


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