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"Death is so simple, and life is so complicated."
―Dark King[src]

Rupert Sebastian "Seb" Chatwin is a World War II veteran, a former Brakebills University student, and the High King of Fillory known as the Dark King.


King of Fillory

Defeating the Takers

Sebastian was born to a family of Magicians from Earth, and later learned how to cast magic. He later traveled to Loria to work as a merchant, but ended up drinking most of the time before traveling to Fillory. Upon reaching the Northern Barrier, however, Sebastian was attacked by a Taker, instinctively firing off an anti-viral spell that killed the creature after it touched him. He later used his magic to drive back the Takers and was elected by the Fillorians as the ruler of Fillory, where he reigned for 300 years.[1][2]

Meeting the Grievers

Saving Eliot Waugh

"I just fundamentally believe that the best way to honor someone is with the truth of them. You could give her more of that truth. But you won't."
"I just want everybody to remember Quentin however they want to and to- to get through the fucking day."
"I'm just pointing out, what you've got in that secret pocket could help her remember the real Quentin."
―Dark King and Eliot Waugh[src]
One day, Eliot Waugh and Alice Quinn were traveling up to the peak of the Mountain of Ghosts when they were attacked by a Taker. As Waugh struggled against the creature, Sebastian arrived and used his magic to kill it, stating that he was glad he'd taken the northern trail up the mountain that day. Afterward, he offered the two drinks and set up a camp for the night, pouring them each a cup of Lorian Bumble Wine before he explained that he visited the mountain every year to honor the death of a man he loved.

After Quinn went to bed for the night, Sebastian and Waugh talked about the people they lost, and Sebastian explained that he used to go camping with his lover ofter and they would use illusion magic to change the color of the stars. He then asked if Waugh ever had love, and when Waugh explained that he and Quinn loved the same man, Sebastian told Waugh that he should tell her since no one else could, even if it hurt her. Waugh accused him of being a shit-stirrer, but Sebastian stated that the best way to honor someone was to tell the truth, even if it hurt her, as Quentin wasn't able to do it himself. As the two laid there, Sebastian stated he should head to bed, and Waugh agreed before their situation became more complicated.

The next day, as the three reached the peak of the mountain, Sebastian allowed the two their time to say goodbye before taking them back down to the road. Waugh stated that he was heading towards Castle Whitespire, and Sebastian revealed he was heading in the same direction. At that time, the carriage for the Dark King arrived on the road and stopped before them, allowing the guards to open the door for Sebastian and give him his cloak, revealing that he was the Dark King.[2]


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Magic and Abilities

  • Magician: The Dark King is a Magician from Earth, most likely trained at a school such as Brakebills University. He is the only Magician capable of defeating the Takers, an ability that led the Fillorians to elect him as their king.
    • Magic Manipulation: The Dark King is able to shape and manipulate the energy of the Wellspring to cast spells by writing specific formations with his hands, conjuring phosphorescent constructs of energy.
      • Immortality: After deposing Josh Hoberman and Fen as the rulers of Fillory, the Dark King continued to reign over the world for 300 years.
      • Death Inducement: The Dark King was able to kill a Taker by causing a cloud of dark smoke to pour from its body.


  • Expert Combatant:







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