Dint is the grandfather of Fen and the creator of the Leo Blade, Virgo Blade and Eliot's Sword.


Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: Dint was a master craftsmen of magical blades and had great understanding of the materials and spells required to make them. Not much is known about the degree of magical training he had. However, he was proficient enough to enchant blades and design accompanying spells to the weapons he created such the one which allowed a sword of the High King to confer the knowledge and skills of a master swordsman.
    • Master Knifemaker: During his time, Dint was the royal family's favorite swordsmith.[1] He was capable of creating many wonderous blades including one that could kill a god.





  • In The Magicians, Dint is a battle magician and guide partner with Fen who escorted Quentin and his friends through Fillory. It was later discovered that Dint was working for The Beast after he led the group to his lair. Dint died later on in one of the many tunnels in one of the mountains.


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