Dwarves is short magical creatures that are native to Fillory's underground caves. They are great craftsmen and are known to craft powerful magical items.


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Characteristic Traits

Dwarves are known to live in communities and expert craftsmen and builders. It is possible that they closely resemble humans in appearance, except for their small height and larger structure.

They are known for crafting magical items and possibly a great understanding of time magic and how to manipulate it. They are known to have created the pocket watch that enabled Jane Chatwin to create time loops, and when this object was destroyed by her, she retired herself to The Clock Barrens to study time magic with them. They have also taught Jane a lot of magical knowledge, and how to create Clock Trees in Fillory. The dwarves helped build Castle Whitespire and based its design on Castle Blackspire which, in their opinion, was the most perfect design that they had ever seen. According to the Fairy Queen, they also have very long lifespans although, not as long as the Fairies.

Known Dwarves

  • The Clock Barrens community

Known magical items created by Dwarves


"Meanwhile, beneath our feet, the dwarves keep to themselves, except when taking commissions for their intricate clocks and magically infused objects."
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