The Ellsworth Downs Hospital was a fictional psychiatric hospotal created by Quentin Coldwater's mind while under the effects of the Scarlatti Web.


The Ellsworth Downs Hospital opened and was dedicated on October 10, 1926. The first patient was admitted on October 16, 1926, and in the first 12 months of service, over 800 patients have received hospital care.[1]

In 2016, Quentin Coldwater was hexed with a Scarlatti Web by Marina Andrieski and Julia Wicker, converting the Brakebills campus into the Ellsworth Downes Hospital in an attempt to drive Coldwater insane by trapping him in a mental hospital. After realizing he was under the effects of a spell, Quentin called out to Penny, knowing the psychic would be able to hear his unshielded mind, and asked for his help in breaking the spell.[1]


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