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Ember is the Fillorian god of Chaos that presides over the world of Fillory with his twin brother Umber. For a time, he lived in exile, trapped in his own home after The Beast supposedly murder his brother and took over Fillory.


Though Ember and his brother's exact origins are unknown, they are ancient and powerful twin gods who created the magical world known as Fillory. Umber, creating the more technical and detailed aspects, became known as the Fillorian god of Order, while Ember was responsible for the more whimsical and chaotic aspects of Fillory, becoming known as the Fillorian god of Chaos.

Ember created the rule that only 'Children of Earth' could rule Fillory, out of a need to create entertainment and add an element of surprise for his amusement. In the 1930's Ember and Umber began to allow the Chatwin children to travel from Earth to Fillory, exploring the fantastical world as kings and queens, giving their caretaker, Christopher Plover, the material for his fantasy novel series Fillory and Further, which became immensely popular on Earth. As the years went by, Ember became bored with the depressed Martin Chatwin, who had begun to suffer abuse by Plover. Ember would allow Martin's siblings to regularly enter his world, with Martin only sometimes entering sporadically.

Eventually, Martin, whom Ember had exiled, resented the Fillorian gods, and concocted a plan to remain in the world, drinking from the the Wellspring, in order to increase his power so he would never be forced to leave again. After gaining enough power, Martin then attacked Ember and Umber and, to Ember's knowledge, killed Umber. Martin then banished Ember to Loria where he hid inside one of his temples eating mice and waiting for a champion to rise and kill Martin, who now ruled Fillory with an iron fist and became known as The Beast.

When Ember eventually discovered that Umber was alive, he became enraged and killed him. At the same time, Quentin Coldwater used the distraction and the magic from Umber's death to kill Ember. Killing Ember resulted in the removal of magic from Fillory and Earth and the Neitherlands by the Plumber.


In contrast to his brother, Ember has a chaotic and whimsical personality. Ember, as a god that represents chaos and entropy, is quite easily bored and has a tendency to do something wildly destructive or harmful whenever his boredom reaches his breaking point. He has been described by his brother Umber as a child that would smash a playing board in a tantrum. 

Ember also held great love for his twin brother, but hated his brother's stiff and rigid personality. After he discovered that his brother fled and abandoned him, he became enraged and killed him out of spite.

Magic and Abilities

  • Deity Physiology: Ember was a Deity, a being of nigh-unlimited magical power. He was able to imbue mortals with his essence to grant them power equivalent to a Master Magician
    • Divine Empowerment: Ember is able to imbue Magicians with the power of a Master Magician for a limited time by granting them his sperm. When Quentin Coldwater and Julia Wicker arrived at his temple to petition him for power, he gave them a jar of his "essence" to ingest when they were ready to fight The Beast. Alice Quinn was able to hold the Leo Blade after drinking it, a blade only capable of being used by Master Magicians, as well as cast the Rhinemann Ultra.
    • Teleportation: Ember was able to instantly appear anywhere on Fillory. He was also able to teleport others, as whenever the Chatwin children were finished with an adventure in Fillory, Ember and Umber would always send them back to Earth without using the Portal Tree. Ember later appeared to Margo Hanson and Eliot Waugh when the two attempted to enter his temple, and later teleported into Castle Whitespire's throne room after smelling the cakes baked for him as bait for his eventual death.
    • Memory Manipulation: Ember was able to detect and remove a false memory planted in Julia Wicker's mind by slapping her across the face.


  • Ember is the second god to appear in the series, following Reynard the Fox.


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