Emily Greenstreet is a former student of Brakebills. She was a friend of Charlie Quinn, before he became a Niffin, and was the lover of Mischa Mayakovsky.


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Attending Brakebills

Greenstreet attending Brakebills University.

"So, I fell for this professor. I know how it sounds, but I was young and... and he loved me. But then, well, he was married."
―Emily Greenstreet to Alice Quinn and Margo Hanson[src]

In 2010, Emily Greenstreet attended Brakebills University, where she was sorted into Physical Magic and took up residence in the Physical Kids' Cottage. She also became close friends with another student, Charlie Quinn.[1]

Love Affair with Mayakovsky

"You know how it is at that age. You get... terrible ideas."
"Like what?"
"I thought I could make him love me again."
"Some kind of love spell?"
"No. No. I thought if I could make myself prettier..."
―Greenstreet and Margo Hanson[src]

Greenstreet's spell fails.

While attending Brakebills, Greenstreet met Mischa Mayakovsky, a professor at the school, and the two became engaged in an affair. At some point, Mayakovsky broke off the affair with Greenstreet, causing her to try to find a way to make the professor love her again. After weeks of preparing, Greenstreet attempted to perform a spell to change her appearance, making herself prettier; however, the spell failed and, devastated by the result, Greenstreet ran from the Cottage to Van Pelt Fountain, where she was preparing to kill herself by jumping into the bottomless fountain.

Greenstreet reveals her ruined face.

Unbeknownst to her, Charlie had heard the commotion and ran out after her. Once he saw the damage the spell had caused, Quinn attempted to repair her face, combining multiple different spells together. Unfortunately, the amount of magic Quinn was channeling soon flooded his system, burning him from the inside with a blue flame as he transformed into a Niffin. Afterward, Mayakovsky helped repair Greenstreet's face.[1]

The Full Muggle

Working at Plaxco

"I heard Fogg set her up with a job, which is how you know they're hiding something juicy."
Margo Hanson[src]

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Magic and Abilities

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Magician: Emily Greenstreet attended Brakebills University, where she learned the fundamentals of magic before dropping out after the death of a classmate. Despite not having the full education offered at Brakebills, Greenstreet retains enough knowledge to perform minor spells.

  • Wellspring Magic Manipulation: Greenstreet is able to shape and manipulate the energy of the Wellspring to cast spells by writing specific formations with her hands, forming phosphorescent constructs of energy.
    • Smoke Manipulation: Greenstreet was able to manipulate the smoke from a cigarette into various patterns.
    • Illusion Manipulation: Using a Coptic illusion spell, Greenstreet was able to change her appearance to whom Quentin Coldwater desired most, appearing as Alice Quinn.


  • Bilingual: Greenstreet speaks her native English, and is able to read Coptic.


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