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The Fairy Queen was the monarch of the Fairy Realm and its inhabitants.


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The Fairy Queen is a very ancient being and was a young fairy when fairies still lived on Earth with magicians before the Free Fairies migrated to Fillory to avoid being hunted into extinction. While in Fillory her mother died and they used the 6th key to create a mirror realm which was christened the "Fairy Realm". Her mother was her predecessor and when her mother died, she assumed her mother's position as Queen of the Fairies. Those of the fairies that stayed on earth were imprisoned and hunted nearly to extinction by Magicians. Those who did survive on earth were either in constant fear of being captured or were slaves to families like the Fairy Slaves traded to the McAllistair Family.


As the leader of a proud race of the Fairies, the Fairy Queen is just as if not more dignified. She is calculating, ruthless and oftentimes merciless. She is highly intelligent and cunning and can easily manipulate those around her to her own ends while maintaining any facade she thinks is most congenial. She is a visionary and tends to see people for what they can be in the future rather than what they are currently. She witnessed how her people faired under constant hunting and eradication and she is steadfast in her dedication towards her people and will gladly die for them. Despite the Fairy Queen's cold attitude towards others, the Fairy Queen is very nurturing towards her own subjects and calls for them to be strong and proud even when she is gone. It can be assumed that the fairy queen role is similar to that of a queen bee. Though she rarely needs any help, when the occasional person comes to her aid, the Fairy Queen can be quite generous and very kind.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fairy Physiology: As a fairy, the queen has access to innate fairy magic independent of any outside source which she can wield to her desire. By her own admission, fairies of royal blood have much stronger magic than the average fairy with her, being the Fairy Queen, having the power of 50 fairies in a single body. However, despite the great power wielded as the Fairy Queen, she could not repair Margo’s eye when Margo crushed it.
    • Fairy Magic: Fairy magic is mysterious and ill-defined. Theirs is said to be the "living embodiment of magic". As the Fairy Queen, she can make deals with other beings that once sealed, is impossible to break unless she herself decides otherwise. She once put a song in a man's ear that will never leave, leading him to become mad. Through unknown means, she is able to remove body parts from others without any pain or bleeding and use said parts to spy on them.
      • Teleportation: Like other fairies, the fairy queen can teleport to and fro from Fillory to Earth as well as enter and exit their unique dimension freely. Additionally, she is also able to send others form their realm back to Fillory although, she usually extracts a toll.
      • Conditional Invisibility: Fairies are typically invisible to regular humans and can only be seen by those who have struck deals with them. If the Fairy Queen were to break a deal, the Fairies will once again become invisible.
      • Illusion Casting: The Fairy Queen could cast a glamour on Margo's fairy eye which allowed her to disguise it to look like her regular eye.
      • Levitation: Fairies are able to levitate in the air unaided.



  • Mother † - Former Queen




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  • The Fairy Queen or Queen of the Fairies is a figure from Irish and British folklore, believed to rule the fairies. Based on Shakespeare's influence, in English-speaking cultures, she is often named Titania or Mab.


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