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High King Fen is the wife of Eliot Waugh and leader of the Fillorian High Council. Born in Fillory, Fen was promised to the High King before her birth by her grandfather as payment for his services in forging the Leo Blade to stop The Beast.


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Early Life

Growing Up in Fillory

Fen was born in 1992 to Dint II, and was raised by a family of knifemakers and swordsmiths. Like every Fillorian girl, she went through Tree School, and eventually joined the radical group known as Fillorians United.

Fen was raised knowing it was always her destiny to marry into the monarchy. Her grandfather, Dint, made a deal with Quentin Coldwater and Julia Wicker in the 1940s, guaranteeing Fen the king's hand in exchange for a blade that could kill The Beast.


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"She is a knifemaker's daughter, she can handle herself."
Eliot Waugh[src]
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Appearances for Fen

In chronological order:


  • In The Magicians, Fen is the partner of Dint, and serves as a guide to Quentin Coldwater and his friends when they first arrive in Fillory. She is skilled in martial arts and uses Battle Magic to augment her fighting techniques. She was killed by Dint, who was revealed to be an agent of The Beast.


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