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High King Fen is the wife of Eliot Waugh and leader of the High Council. Born in Fillory, Fen was promised to the High King before her birth by her grandfather as payment for his services in forging the Leo Blade to stop The Beast.


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Early Life

Growing Up in Fillory

Fen was born on Fillory and was raised by a family of knifemakers and swordsmiths. Like every Fillorian girl, she went through Tree School, and eventually joined the radical group known as Fillorians United during her teenage years due to being raised knowing it was always her destiny to marry a stranger she didn't know would come or love.


When Eliot Waugh arrives with his friends, Fen's father Dint II reminds them of the promise made decades ago. To be sure he marries his daughter to the true High King, he takes a blade that can only draw the pure royal blood of the High King of Fillory (s01e13). This leads her to marry that same night Eliot Waugh.

The High King's Wife

After coming back from his first attempt to kill The Beast, Eliot Waugh and his friends go to Castle Whitespire where she will follow them. Then, she will help the new High King to get settle into his new life and try to understand her place in her new marriage.  After The Beast is finally defeated, Fen becomes pregnant which doesn't seem to delight the High King. As he tries to explain his fear, a FU Fighter disguised as a servent attempt to kill him. High Queen Margo saved the High King as Fen was trying to find a knife to protect him.

After the man is taken to jail, she learns that it is someone she knows named Bayler and goes confront him, reminding him that the FU Fighters were never violent. After refusing to side with him, Bailer tries to blackmail her about her past as a FU Fighter but she decided to tell her husband so this knowledge would not be used against her. 

Eliot Waugh does not take this news kindly. This will make the High King stop trusting her for a while, but she manages to stand up for herself reminding him that she isn't in the marriage for him, but for Fillory. 

Soon after, a war with Loria results in Idri and High King Eliot to bury the hatchet and get married. Both men decided without her knowing which surprises her when they announce it. She is still supportive of the alliance, having lived in a polyamory life and knowing the way royalty marries to strengthen their power. Her husband tries to be more considerate to her after it. 

Meanwhile, High Queen Margo had made a deal with the fairies in order to fix magic in Fillory and save the High King during his fight against Idri. The deal was their help against Fen's baby and the High Queen manipulated her into accepting without knowing everything she needed to know. It is a few days after that she is then kidnapped by a fairy.

Fen and the Fairies

Birth and Post-Partum Fen will give birth to her daughter in the fairies world and she will not be able to hear or hold her before they take her away. This will make the new mother truly depressed and when High Queen Margo and Josh Hoberman come to save her, she refuses to leave without her baby.

She will only leave the fairy realm when she learns their plan to overthrow the Kings and Queens of Fillory. She makes a deal with The Fairy Queen and ends up giving up her toes in exchange to go home. But it is too little too late. She arrives just in time to warn High King Eliot and High Queen Margo of the plan but the moment she finishes explaining, the fairies are already taking over Fillory. 

This will lead the already grieving mother to a spiral of post-partum depression. People around her are not sure how to help her and end up letting her carry a log as her own baby and talks to bunnies like she was their mother. 

Fray This spiral will stop when The Fairy Queen present to them a fully grown young woman named Fray. She is supposedly their daughter who had grown up faster in the fairy realm. If her husband doubt of the truth of it, Fen fully let herself believe that Fray is their daughter and will protect and discipline her like her own child. 

Later, Fray will betray her and reveal to the Fairy Queen secrets plans of High King Eliot and High Queen Margo. But when The Fairy Queen betrays Fray and used her as a bargaining pawn over fairy Eggs the High King and High King have stolen, Fray decides to come clean and admit that she is not Eliot Waugh and Fen's daughter. This will force the Fairy Queen to admit that their real daughter died during childbirth. This will obviously crush Fen's heart. 

The Earth Fairies Needing time to grieve away from the fairies, Fen will go to Earth, and end up in Brakebills. After getting drunk with Alice Quinn, she wakes up to Julia Wicker talking to a woman who is shadowed by a fairy. Julia tells them she didn't see the fairies and Fen remembers that you can only see them if you have a deal with them. Curious of the fairy presence, Julia convinces Fen to investigate about it.

Soon enough they learned that a group of Fairies is owned by Irene McAllister's family for generation and is one of their greatest secrets. Now that magic is gone, they use their body part to grind them into dust that they can ingest to temporary have magic.  

With the help of one of the fairies named Skye, they discover that this clan of fairy do not know they have magical power and are mostly treated like a slave. When Julia tries to make Skye use her magic, the collar she was forced to use vibrate and tries to kill her. The only reason why the fairy is saved is by Julia's untamed God powers.

Julia wants to save them but Fen is still grief-stricken and refuses to help as she blames the fairies for the loss of her child. She finally agrees to help with the promise that she will not have to pretend that she truly cares about them. After managing to get some information from Irene McAllister, Fen and Julia go to The Fairy Queen asking for her help. When she refuses, Fen gets mad and tells the queen how she truly feels about fairies and yet refuses to see any creature in the condition the Earth Fairies are. This convinces the Fairy Queen to help them. 

As Julia and the Fairy Queen are doing their part on the plan in the McAllister manor, Fen tries to find a way to remove the collar of all the enslaved fairies. That is where she learns that there is no way for them to get rid of it and the only way is to behead them. 

Mad, she will confront a fairy named Dust who has been there the longest. He admits helping the McAllister only because it was part of a deal The Fairy Queen's mother made with them; part of the fairies would be theirs but the other would be sent into a realm where they will stop being chased to near extinction. As they are learning this, one of the McAlister comes to get a fairy in order to get more powder, and Fen stands up in front of them, refusing that any harm happens to them. The men use magic to knock her and Julia unconscious.

When she wakes up Fen learns that the Fairy Queen as revoked the McAllister's deal and all the fairies are now free and gone safely to the fairy realm. 

The Fillorian Election and the first step to the throne

After dealing with the fairies, Fen goes back to Fillory in order to help her husband Eliot Waugh to win the first fillorian election. Despite their best effort, he will loose but Margo Hanson, the High Queen is now named the High King of Fillory

Soon after her crowning, Margo Hanson needs to leave with all of her friends to Castle Blackspire in order to save all of the magic once again. In her absence, she names Fen the Acting High King, making her the first fillorian to ever be on the throne.

As she is learning the ropes being a leader, The Fairy Queen comes to her with a request; as all the fairies are now Fillorian citizens by High King Margo's ruling, she needs the crown to find out who is targeting them. In fact, many fairies have been missing since they arrived. 

It is under the disguise of a fairy that Fen learns that it is Irene McAlistair and the librarian Gavin who is stilling the fairies to kill them and turn them into fairy dust. Back in the castle, The Fairy Queen makes a deal with them to save her people; they will be able to kill her but never touch a fairy again. This will break Fen's heart and The Fairy Queen will tell her that her companion over someone that use to be an enemy is one of her strength as a leader, then reminds her that her place on the throne is legitimate and to stop doubting herself. On those last pieces of advice, The Fairy Queen goes to her death. 

Margo Hanson's departure was supposed to be a few days at best but she seemed to have disappeared. So Fen continues in her role of High King as Fillory is hit with many problems; the return of magic has helped their crops but isn't enough to cultivate everything, there is a town stuck in a timeloop due to a Watcherwoman clock-tree growing near them and the air is now saturation with opium which leads to the population to be rather sleepy and even cause death in the population.   As she hears rumour of the god Ember to be back from the dead and in Fillory, she is asked to deal with another big problem; the guards have captured a woman who claims to be High King Margo but looks nothing like her. This woman, Janet, admit having dreamed of Ember who warns her of a grave danger for Fillory and is now seeking him. Fen and Janet start to track down the fallen god and finds in the tavern The Hare on the Ass. 

Going there, they discover that this is not Ember who is around but the God Bacchus. He has been pretending to be Ember in order to hide from The Monster who wants him dead. As the god of wine and party, he is always throwing one where he is and to make sure the fillorians are in a good mood, he had saturated the fillorian air of opium. Fen and Janet try to confront him but it doesn't seem to work. This is when Janet changes in front of their eyes and becomes Margo Hanson. Even Bacchus is confused at this plot twist. 

Happy to see her back, Fen quickly gives her back her crown to the true High King. But as quickly as [Margo Hanson] is back, as quickly she disappears leaving Fen and everyone in the tavern bewildered. Fen has to be the Acting High King once more. 


It is only a few days later that Margo Hanson comes back truly to Fillory, taking back her High King crown and providing bad news to the fillorian; Eliot Waugh has been processed by a monster created by the gods. Eliot is most likely dead since he has not come back from the protection spell she and their friend were under. 

Fen mourns her husband and starts to do the many fillorians grieving ritual, but she is stopped when the talking animal loses their power of speech making the Bleeth of Despair ritual impossible. 

This is when Fen starts to have dreams that happen to be visions, warnings, of future events. After talking about it to Raife and Josh Hoberman, she finds a way to control her dreams. She ends up chasing what is causing her those visions, which leads her to go in a quest of her own. 

Fen starts travelling to a cottage in the wood. Margo Hanson ends up accompanying her and together they meet a mysterious lady who tells them she will tell them everything once they have to do some task to them. If Fen is eager to please the woman and start doing a garden for the woman, Margo Hanson has doubts. The High King ends up trapping the woman who admits being a fraud and having been met by many questers that have been visited by the questing beast named The Napster

Back in Castle Whtiespire, Fen uses Margo's sleeping pills in order to be deep into sleep and not easily awaken. She manages to control her dream and face The Napster who tells her that her destiny is to take over Margo's crown at any cost. This makes her really uneasy and she battles the idea of having to betray the High King. 

The Whitespire Coup

While Fen and Margo are in the quest, Josh has prepared a banquet with Queen Ru of Loria and the tribe of Southern Nomad, as they need both of them for political gain and to save Eliot from The Monster. When Queen Ru arrives, she tells Fen that she too has been visited by The Napster and will help her to overthrow Margo during the banquet. Fen is hesitant and clearly fights her destiny but Queen Ru makes the ultimatum that she is ready to be allied to Fillory only if Fen is on the throne. Knowing they need their help, it is hard for Fen to say no but manage to be vague. 

During the banquet, she avoids to talk to Margo but after talking with Josh (who heard the coup proposal of Ru) she decides to tell everything to the High King. This is when Margo surprises her and tells her to overthrow her. The High King explains that she needs to be banned from Fillory in order to see the Southern Nomad who didn't show up at the banquet. Only they have a solution to save Eliot Waugh. It is with this argument that Fen goes to Queen Ru and order the coup to go ahead. Margo Hanson is then banished from Fillory and Fen takes back the High King crown, becoming the true leader of Fillory. 

The first days of High King Fen

As High King, Fen has to deal with The Winds of Fate blowing around the castle. This raises the concern that the Fillory ecosystem has been acting strangely since magic came back. She goes to see Ismenie, a naiad who had been imprisoned not long ago. The naiad doesn't want to help but with cohesion from Tick Pickwick, she ends up revealing that Fillory's water has been moving, blaming the thirteen for starting all of it. 

Fen remembers a fillorian nursing rhyme, used during the Skip the Bear game, that talks about Thirsty Roderick, a king who has created the underground water system of the land. As she tries to explain everything to Josh, she remembers the tile of the floor of a corridor of the castle that was the perfect board for a game of Skip The Bear. They start to play the game and when Josh wins, a secret door opens.

This leads them to the drowned garden and the secret sea. She contacts people on Earth, knowing they needed a strong source of power to defeat The Monster. When Quentin Coldwater and Penny Adiyodi join her, she shows them their discovery while holding a fishbowl as Josh became a fillorian dying fish when he touched the water. Fen goes back to earth with fish!Josh and convince Margo to take care of him. Once Josh is back to being a human, they both go back to Castle Whitespire where she assists Josh when he needs to cast a spell that will save Eliot from The Monster


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"She is a knifemaker's daughter, she can handle herself."
Eliot Waugh[src]
  • Skilled Marksman: Raised in a family of knifemakers, Fen is extremely skilled in throwing daggers and is able to aim at lethal spots, such as the head, demonstrating high coordination.
  • Combatant: To be added


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Appearances for Fen

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  • In The Magicians, Fen is the partner of Dint, and serves as a guide to Quentin Coldwater and his friends when they first arrive in Fillory. She is skilled in martial arts and uses Battle Magic to augment her fighting techniques. She was killed by Dint, who was revealed to be an agent of The Beast. She is now the High King of Fillory and the first fillorian to ever be on the throne.


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