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Fillorians are the dominant species that inhabit the planet Fillory.


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As per divine law, only children of Earth can become Kings and Queens, but there can be a long gap between two monarchs, in which the Pickwick Family takes the reign of the continent.

Many Fillorians view the divine restriction as unfair and created Fillorians United a group that wanted to put a Fillorian on the throne. They were stopped under the reign on High King Eliot after a fail assassination attempt. [1]

In fact, the only Fillorian to be on the throne legitimately is Fen who was an acting High King under the reign of High King Margo then through a coup with the people from Loria became High King Fen.

The reign of High King Margo was historical for Fillorians as for the first time in their history, they were allowed to decide who would rule them: someone from the Pickwick Family or Eliot Waugh, a child of Earth. It is with surprise that none of them won and Margo Hanson won as a write-in candidate by all of the talking animals. Before the election Fillorians thought they were the main race in the land but learned that they were outnumbered by Talking Animals [2]

Characteristic Traits

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Humans living in Fillory are named Fillorians. They have a way of living that mirror a more rural or medieval way of living; they are depicted as the typical medieval peasants a magical land is expected to have in fantasy books.

Being born in a land where magic is a natural presence, they understand the unspoken laws of magic and rely on it as if it was a natural thing to do. [3] They are used to animals talking, mythical creatures existing, gods being real, and boats having emotions. But no Fillorian can become a magician.

Fillorian Religious Folklore

The Birth of Ember and Umber

“In the beginning, there was nothing until a tigress, blind in one eye, came to a lonely shore. The tigress looked upon this raw world, and the tigress... she waded into the ocean and drowned herself. And as her body disappeared beneath the waves, two shells washed ashore. And from those shells came Ember and then his shadow, Umber.” [​2]​

The arrival of Fillorian on Fillory

Ember and Umber chartered the Great Seahorse to carry all of the Fillorians in his pouch. This is how the world was populated by the gods [​3]​

Mourning Rituals [​4]​

  • The Bare-Breasted Laments: it is to assume that the widow cries while showing their breasts
  • The Last Lay: the widow lays in her marital bed, buried in the garments of her deceased love
  • Day of Mourning: if the deceased is royalty, all non-essential workers are allowed to go home to mourn the loss. 
  • Construction of The Altar of Remembrance
  • Singing of The Bleats of Despair: usually sung by talking sheep.


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