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Fillory was a magical world led by the twin gods Ember and Umber and the setting of the Fillory and Further series, a collection of novels written by Christopher Plover recounting the experiences of the Chatwin children.

The original home of the Wellspring, Fillory was destroyed during its rapture when High King Margo Hanson turned back the Clockwork Heart in order to prevent an undead army commanded by Martin Chatwin from destroying life in the Multiverse. Led by Hanson, the Fillorians were transported onboard the Ark to their new home to spare them from the destruction of their world.

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The planet known as Fillory was once a distant, wild little world with a Clockwork Heart before being chosen by the Old Gods to be a prison for an abomination they had created. This is where they would also put the Wellspring of magic that connects all of the worlds.[1]

It would later be remodelled by the twin ram deities, Ember and Umber to create a whimsical world by flipping the land over and starting over on the other side.

The Chatwins Legacy

As per Ember and Umber's ruling, only children of Earth could be on the throne in Castle Whitespire, leaving it empty from time to time and managed by the Pickwick Family.

When Jane Chatwin, Martin Chatwin and Rupert Chatwin would discover the world, they were no older than 18 and became kings and queen of Fillory. The Chatwin siblings' arrival will change Fillory forever. The moment the ram gods needed their help, they would create a portal from a place on Earth that would lead them to their world. When their tasks were over, often the gods dismissed the kids to be back on their world, where they told their adventures to Christopher Plover, who wrote them in a series of books that became widely popular called Fillory and Further.

Soon, the ram gods stop summoning Martin as he was becoming a darker version of himself; back on Earth, he was sexually abused by Christopher Plover. Jane tried to find a way for him to come when he wanted, a button, who ended up hidden and forgotten in the Plover Estate.

Martin will follow his sister in one of the portals the gods created for her and the young man decided to stay in the land forever, safe from his abuser. There he learned magic and his aura became darker and darker until he becomes The Beast, an entity feared by all.

"Welcome to the Fillory of The Beast. And this is what happens to a world ruled by the worst kind of predator-- the kind of monster who destroys childhood"
Quentin Coldwater[src]

This will cause Jane and Rupert to try to stop their brother. While Jane created time loops for young magicians to get rid of him, Rupert created a conduit between him and the land making him immortal and making Fillory "his". In the end, the group of magicians will kill The Beast in a time loop where Jane is murdered, and they free Fillory from Rupert by making it implode before creating a New Fillory.




  • We only know of two of the season in Fillory: Yellow Ferret Month (a month in spring where the centurion tournament happens) and Red Monkey Month (a month in spring where everything grows three times faster)
  • There is a song that teaches Fillorian kids the inner work of the water system that is also the song for a game call Bearskip [5]
  • It is a patriarchal land.
  • The air is 0.2% opium as stated by Quentin.