Fillory is the magical world created by Ember and Umber, as well as the setting of the Fillory and Further series by Christopher Plover. The name Fillory is used to describe both the land mass and one of the sovereign states, the other being Loria. Fillory hosts the Wellspring, the source of all magic, and serves as the prison for the beast created by the Old Gods.


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The planet known as Fillory was once a distant, wild little world before being chosen by the Old Gods to be a prison for an abomination they had created. It would later be be remodeled by the twin ram deities, Ember and Umber to create a whimsical world by flipping the land over and starting over on the other side.


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Map of Fillory

The continent is surrounded by many islands and the world’s air contains 0.02% opium, Fillory is populated with, among other things, Talking Animals such as horses and elephants, although the non-talking kind also exist. There are also magical beasts, such as pegasi, and a number of Unique Beasts. Other magical beings who live there are nymphs like dryads or naiads, and satyrs. Its gods are the twin rams, Ember and Umber. Recently, the Fillorians begin worshiping a new goddess named Our Lady of the Tree, that helped regrew the Sentient Tree Forest.


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