Fillory and Further is a series of five novels written by Christopher Plover published in England in the 1930s. They describe the adventures of the five Chatwin children in a magical land that they discover while on holiday in the countryside with their eccentric aunt and uncle. 


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Following his retirement to Cornwall, England, Christopher Plover ingrained himself in the country's literary scene, trading letters with authors such as T.H. White and C.S. Lewis before he was pushed to begin writing his own stories. In 1931, the Chatwins arrived in Cornwall to stay with their aunt Maude. One day, the children appeared at Plover's home and he invited them for tea. The children told Plover of a magical world named Fillory that they had discovered while exploring Maude's home, and over the years, Plover collected enough notes to write a manuscript.[1]

In late 1934, Plover submitted the story to a publisher, who accepted it after Plover paid for the printing costs of the initial run. In January of 1935, The World in the Walls was released, telling of the Martin Chatwin's discovery of Fillory, and his adventures with Fiona Chatwin. Despite selling after the Christmas season, the book was mildly successful, having sold well throughout the year.[1]


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