Fiona Chatwin is the second oldest child of the Chatwin Family, the central characters of the Fillory and Further book series, written by Christopher Plover.


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Along with her siblings, Fiona was sent to her aunt's house during World War I, a neglecting woman uninterested in her nephews. During one of her parties, Martin, Fiona's older brother, entered a clock that transports him to Fillory, followed by Fiona. After this, the events of the World in the Walls happen. From Rupert Chatwin's prespective, Fiona and Martin only seemed to disappear for a few seconds, and when back, they were wearing different clothes, their hair had grown, and were more suntanned and fit.


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  • Fiona and her sister Helen do not make an appearance in the SYFY adaptaion of the novels.


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