"When the rock crumbles in our hands, we must reach for the next."
Fomar Grey[src]

Prince Fomar Grey is the youngest son of Lady Agate Grey, and second-in-line to the throne of the Floating Mountain. When his brother, Micah, was arranged to be married to Margo Hanson, Fomar was compelled to take his brother's place by the Fairy Queen. During the wedding, Fomar assassinated his brother and took his place as Margo's husband.


Fomar first attempted to kill his brother, Micah Grey when his brother was preparing for the wedding ceremony in the same room as Margo Hanson. Fomar Grey who shot an arrow through the window at the back of Micah Grey's head and narrowly missed, hitting a mirror instead. This attempt was placed on Prince Ess due to the fact that Fomar Grey had used a Lorian arrow to carry out the attempt. Sadly, there was a second attempt by Prince Fomar Grey which proved successful and the moment that Prince Micah Grey said the words, "I do," in the wedding ceremony an ax swung from the side, held up by a rope. The ax severed his head from his body and covered Margo Hanson's face with his blood.


Prince Fomar Grey is clearly the neglected child in the family when we first meet him. He is very self-confident but lacks basic common sense as well as common adult personality traits which are quite important and it is painfully clear that they are not present. He was not at all affected by the death of his brother by his own hand and actually was happy about it. He is also quite naive when it comes to things like sex and relationships in general.

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