The Foremost is the leader of the Southern Nomads in the Wandering Desert.


Saving the Southern Nomads

"He leads a nomadic tribe that according to my apricot guy who's tight with their agave trader, was once ravaged by body-possessing demonic spirits."
Josh Hoberman[src]

The Foremost is chief of the Southern Nomads. When the Nomads were attacked by demonic spirits that possessed their victims' bodies, the Foremost saved his tribe using his Ice Axes to expel the spirits.[1]


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  • Sorrow and Sorrow: The Foremost wielded Sorrow and Sorrowused these to save his tribe from demonic spirits. Their special properties allow them to harm invasive spirits and save the victims.




Behind the Scenes

  • In The Magician's Land, The Foremost met Janet Pluchinsky, the High Queen of Fillory, during her visit to the Wandering Desert to collect tax from his people. There, The Foremost caught the attention of Janet, particularly due to his unique spear made from a dark metal that enhanced magic. After sending Janet on an impossible mission into the desert, The Foremost was confronted and defeated by Janet, who took his spear and created Sorrow and Sorrow with.


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