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Fray is a human who was used by the Fairy Queen to pose as the daughter of High King Eliot and Fen. She was used by the Queen as leverage over King Eliot, who believed Fray to have been raised by the Fairy Queen after she'd been taken as a baby, but later was revealed to have been a human told to pose as Eliot's daughter.


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Fray was introduced as the teenage daughter of Eliot Waugh and Fen, who was taken by the Fairy Queen as payment for a deal made between her and Queen Margo. In order to purify the Wellspring and stabilize magic, Margo made a deal in secret with the Fairy Queen that for their assistance in cleaning the Wellspring, the Faeries would receive a royal child in return. Specifically, the child of Eliot and Fen.

Weeks later, Fray was brought before the High King, said to have aged at an accelerated rate due to the nature of the Fairy Realm to that of a teenager.

It was revealed that Fray now works at "Humbledrum & Honeyclaw's Pub", having failed to mix with humans or fairies, and is also in a relationship with its owner, Humbledrum.


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