Gordy Weitzer is a veterinarian and a friend of Pete's.


Helping a Friend

Gordy was contacted by Pete to find the Webster's Weeping Healer for Kady Orloff-Diaz, who needed the artifact to pay her rent. Gordy sent them to a friend of his, Duke, who Gordy said was the current owner of the Healer.[1]

Saving Pete

Gordy was later contacted by Kady when Pete suddenly collapsed, deducing that Pete's personal enchantments came into conflict with a cursed object. When Kady gave Gordy a Dewey Pete had taken from Duke, Gordy realized it had a powerful Searcher enchantment that was altering Pete's. He proceeded to remove Pete's enchantments, billing him for the service afterward.[1]


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Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: To be added


"I'll have you know Gordy's a doctor."
"For animals."
"You know, for dogs and cats."
Pete and Gordy[src]
  • Skilled Physician: Gordy worked as a veterinarian, and once treated a cockatoo for bumblefoot.




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