Hannah was a Hedge Witch and the estranged mother of Kady Orloff-Diaz.


Like many hedge witches, Hannah was eager for information about spells and sorcery. Her addiction to magic caused problems with Marina Andrieski, head of a safehouse of hedge-witches in New York, causing friction with her daughter Kady. Her addiction to magic caused symptoms similar to those experienced by drug addicts, including a tendency to lie and take advantage of other people.


Hannah's reckless use of magic brought the woman to be in some unpleasant situations which were adjusted by Marina Andrieski in exchange for favors. Although Hannah found herself having to literally sell her daughter for Marina's purposes, she continued to attend some of the safehouses throughout New York, pilfering spells when she was able. When Julia Wicker, on Pete's advice, reaches out to one of these safehouses looking for new spells to learn, Hannah took advantage of Julia's situation to perform some spells together. Despite the fact that Julia wasn't initially interested in hanging out with Hannah, the two started to practice some magic together in Julia's safehouse until they both ran out of spells to teach each other.

Searching for new material, Hannah proposed to steal Marina's magical archive, to which Julia agreed since she had helped Marina to regain her memories from Brakebills and, therefore, was entitled to half of it, especially when the task nearly killed her friend Quentin in the process. Initially, the two tried to convince Kady to help them, but without success. The two hedge-witches then tried different spells by using experimental techniques that proved effective. Unfortunately for them, Marina was two steps ahead of them and bewitched her store, making sure that Julia and Hannah conjured up an empty cabinet. As an extra punishment for having attempted to steal from her, Marina cast a curse that killed Hannah, exsanguinating her in front of Julia as she told the latter to flee.

Her body would later be discovered by the authorities, who then reported back to the High Council, informing them of her death to reach out to her only known relative, her daughter Kady.

In Six Short Stories About Magic, Kady reveals that her mother was a stripper.  When Kady plays a medieval tune on a keyboard, Quentin asks her about her newly revealed musical abilities.  Kady replies: "Well, me and music go way back. It's what my mom took her clothes off to for money.  And save the judgment. She was good. And she liked it. And it paid for piano lessons."

Magic and Abilities

  • Hedge Magician: A middling self-taught magician capable of performing fairly good spells when assisted by a third party.


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