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Harriet Schiff is a former member of the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands and CEO of FuzzBeat. The daughter of the head of the Librarians, Harriet left the Order due to its authoritarian control of the knowledge within the Library and founded FuzzBeat to counter their efforts and promote freedom of information.


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Early Life

Harriet Schiff is the daughter of head librarian Zelda Schiff and a student of Brakebills University. From a very young age, Harriet had been obsessed with other worlds and of learning hands-on about the knowledge that comes from the multiverses around her. Her mother, Zelda, always worried about the repercussions that would come from her learning this kind of magic, of all the dangers that it could bring to her and insisted on her staying in the library to learn about the other worlds instead of experiencing them for herself. Zelda constantly wished for her daughter to return to work at the library, but after Harriet left, she discovered new friends and never wished to return to the rigid rules of the library

Leaving the Library

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Attending Brakebills

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Founding Fuzzbeat

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Harriet is a head-strong magician who is constantly looking to allow the knowledge of magic and the multiverse to be available to all magicians.

Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: To be added
    • Illusion Magic: Harriet uses principles of illusion magic to encode the pages of her clickbait site, FuzzBeat, with knowledge and spells for magicians.






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