Helen Chatwin is the fourth child of the Chatwin Family, the central characters of the Fillory and Further book series, written by Christopher Plover.


Along with her siblings, Helen was sent to her aunt's house, during World War I. During one of her aunt's parties, Martin and Fiona Chatwin went through a grandfather's clock to Fillory, a magical realm. Few moments later, they come back more fit and suntanned with different clothes and hair.

After that, all of the Chatwin Family spend months traveling in and out of Fillory, where they reigned as kings and queens, Martin being the High King.Much like her two brothers(Jane and Martin),he believed in the existence of Ember and Umber,so does with the Jesus and Fillory.She later becomes obsessed with Ember and Umber, defending them always and never acknowledging the mistakes the Rams made.

After years, when she was around 13, Fillory stopped accepting her, as it did to her older brother, Martin, years ago who was able to return and disappear there forever. At this age, she grows up, but the mental damages of the years she spent there never went away, making her turn into a Christian devoted woman.


From a young age, Helen shows hard devotion to deities, almost becoming obsessed at times. She is described as pious, worshipping Ember and Umber and deferring to their judgment. After she and Jane receive magic buttons that would allow them to travel to Fillory at will, she hides them in a well. Later, she changes her name, becomes an Evangelical Christian, and moves to Texas.





  • Fiona and her sister Helen do not make an appearance in the SYFY adaptaion of the novels.
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