Comfortable in his position of power as head of Brakebills University, Dean Henry Fogg is challenged when his students return from Fillory with an experience he has no expertise in. In order to help them save the existence of magic and kill The Beast, he must call on a former love interest – taking his students by complete surprise. With a great deal of knowledge and abilities, Dean Fogg does everything he can to provide his students with the tools they need to succeed in this crucial quest. Now that Magic is back, but in the control of the Library, Dean Fogg must do what he can to keep them safe from the Library as well as the Monster hunting them.


Early Life

Henry Fogg has always been self-sufficient - so much so that he effectively taught himself to perform magic at the age of four.[1] In his later years, he attended Brakebills, where he was sorted into the Knowledge discipline. Upon completing his studies, Fogg became an Alumni, receiving a key should he ever wish to visit the school's campus. However, afterward, Fogg was approached for the possibility of becoming the school's Dean, to which he accepted.

39 Alternate Timelines

During her crusade to stop her brother, Martin, Jane Chatwin approached Henry to request his help, recruiting a small band of students in hopes that they'd be the ones strong enough to defeat The Beast. During this time, Jane made a number of alterations to reality by using Horomancy to reset the timeline when the students failed - often resulting in their deaths.

During one of these alternate timelines, Fogg oversaw the Entrance Exam of Julia Wicker to Brakebills, who he was proud to discover was also a Knowledge student.

Fogg himself remembers all of these timelines, as he is powerful enough to perceive them, but not powerful enough to change them. He remembers all 39 (incluidng the current timeline, being timeline 40). That being said, this is most likely atrriubatable to the fact that he is a Master Magician in his own right.

The Magicians

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Henry Fogg is an efficient man who knows how to intervene in the direst situations, although some of his opponents describe him as cowardly or selfish. Dean Fogg is a man who takes into account the preservation of his students, although he doesn't think twice to punish them severely when they commit serious errors.

Magic and Abilities


  • Master Magician: Henry Fogg is a master magician, who excels as a Knowledge disciple. A former student and Alumni of Brakebills University, Henry Fogg has the knowledge and skill of a formidable magician, accumulating over the years to grant him the power of a Master Magician and earning him the right to serve as the school's Dean of Brakebills.  As a matter of fact, he taught himself magic at the age of 4. He retains great insight into the magical mishaps of his students and is often sought out for help by many skilled magicians. Professor Mischa Mayakovsky, however, looks down upon Fogg, due to his reputation for being cowardly and selfish. However, Dean Fogg was notably able to spar one on one with The Beast, albeit only briefly. As a tribute to his power, he was shown as being unaffected by the Beast's paralyzing spell over an entire class during its appearance and is able to retain his memories from previous timelines, with only The Beast itself being able to do the same.
    • Battle Magic: Fogg is proficient in battle magic, capable of quickly summoning a spell as he charged into Professor Van Der Weghe's class to face The Beast. The spell, though ultimately ineffectual, was substantial enough to send the Beast back to the table. He was also able to swiftly incapacitate three Librarians at once to buy time for Kady and Zelda to escape. Fogg recognizes his slights in this field, notably referring Quentin and his allies to a former Professor, an ex-lover, a pixie named Bigby, who used to teach a Battle Magic course at Brakebills before the school board deemed the class too dangerous.
    • Memory Magic: Fogg personally invented and cultivated a tincture capable of completely rewriting the memories of an individual down to their personalities. This potion is one of his hallmarks and was able to affect even the former deity, Julia.


  • Gifted Intellect: Henry is able to grasp the full comprehension of magical theory as taught at Brakebills. As is the standard for all Magicians, he possesses at least an Above Average level of intelligence that enables him to utilize the concept of magic and apply it in the physical world. His intelligence allows him to perform the meta-mathematics involved in spellcasting to allow him to innately know the Circumstances surrounding his castings.
    • Multilingual: Fogg, like all magicians, he can also speak and read in a multitude of languages, including currently dead or archaic ones, such as Old High Dutch, Latin, Old Arabic, and much more taught in the Brakebills curriculum..
  • Experienced Educator & Administrator: As Dean of Brakebills, he is entrusted with the safety of his students from external forces and internal mishaps attributed to young magicians. As such, he personally oversees the abilities of potential Brakebills' students during their Entrance Exam and was undaunted at the task of facing The Beast. He is able to anticipate and adeptly counter all attempts of bureaucratic obstacles laid out by the Order of the Library while bargaining for more magical power for Brakebills. 


  • Whilst in the novels Henry Fogg is described as a portly, blond, Caucasian man, in the TV series he is a bald man of African descent.
  • Henry Fogg may have started out as a hedge witch, as he said that he taught himself magic when he was 4.[1]


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