"Hoboken, New Jersey? Nothing ever starts in Hoboken, New Jersey."
Kady Orloff-Diaz to Julia Wicker[src]

Hoboken is a city in New Jersey.


"Look, you want something better, get out of town; go to where the talent is."
"You think the safe house in Hoboken's gonna be better?"
Pete and Julia Wicker[src]

In a previous timeline, after making it to the other side of Fillory with Julia Wicker after her transformation into a nymph, Quentin Coldwater admired the landscape, stating that their friend James would've been jealous not to have made it. When Coldwater wondered where James had ended up, Wicker stated that he ran a hedge fund in Hoboken, but would die in a skiing accident Vail at the age of seventy-seven.[1]

After Julia Wicker was kicked out of Marina Andrieski's Safe House in New York City, she began to look for other sources she could learn from. Pete, Andrieski's lieutenant, suggested Wicker search out of state for more opportunities, and Wicker asked whether he thought the safe house in Hoboken would be a good place to start.[2]

Banishment of Reynard the Fox

Hoboken Gazette

The Hoboken Gazette reports on the "accident" on August 19, 1976.

"On August 19th, some time before dawn, this happened. Industrial park burned to the ground. No one could explain what caused the fire, or why it left one single building standing untouched with a perfect circle of burn around it."
Julia Wicker to Kady Orloff-Diaz[src]

On August 19, 1976, Dana Wallens traveled to a warehouse in an industrial park in Hoboken to perform a ritual using the magical power released during the birth of her son John Gaines to power a spell strong enough to banish Reynard the Fox from Earth for over 40 years after he slaughtered Wallens' coven and assaulted several other women. The surge of magical energy caused the surrounding area to burn down, leaving a perfect burned circle around the building, along with a series of severe weather along the East coast of the United States of America.

When Wicker and Kady Orloff-Diaz arrived at the warehouse, Wicker realized the circle Wallens had drawn was still hot from magic. Diaz stated that no material would still be hot after so many decades, but Wicker reminder her that blood would, scraping the residual blood up to locate Wallens using an atlas.[3]


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