"He's a horomancer. You know, time magic, fourth dimension shit."
Marina Andrieski[src]

Horomancy is a magical discipline that uses clockwork to manipulate magic to various effects, including manipulating time, shifting probability fields, as well as traveling across alternate realities.


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Sonia Kikuno discovered horomancy after experimenting using cinnabar and clockwork to manipulate magic. She developed watches that kept her mind in the present to counter the effects of cinnabar, enabling her to continue her work.[1]

The Stoppard Cube

Daniel Kikuno, Sonia's son who went by the name "Stoppard", studied horomancy and created the Stoppard Cube, a device that allows him to manipulate time. After Penny and Marina Andrieski arrived from Timeline 23, Stoppard had the two kidnapped by Jay, using the Cube to return them to their original timeline due to their quarks interfering with the spells that allow his mother's watches to function properly.[1]


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