Hyman Cooper is a Brakebills University student who died while astral projecting and became known as the Pervert Ghost of Brakebills due to his illicit use of his magic.


Attending Brakebills University

The Pervert Ghost of Brakebills

Hyman Cooper was a Brakebills University in the 1920s, where he was sorted into the Psychic Magic discipline due to his nature as a Traveller. While at Brakebills, Hyman practiced Astral Projection extensively, appearing in lectures and classes, as well as peeping into the women's showers.[1] During his time on the Astral Plane, he once became stuck for hours when he learned how to possess objects.

At one point, while he was astral projecting, someone moved his body to get back at him for his perversion. Due to being on the Astral Plane, Hyman couldn't cast a locator spell for his body, which eventually died, leaving him trapped in the Astral Plane ever since. Hyman has since been haunting Brakebills campus ever since. Once, for a week, Hyman was terrorized by a ghost that haunted the Brakebills University West Dorm.[1]

Meeting Penny Adiyodi

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Magic and Abilities


  • Traveller Physiology: As a Traveller, Hyman could teleport at will to other locations, even other planets, and could hear the minds of others.
    • Traveling: Hyman was able to teleport instantly between locations freely without needing to rely on mediums such as portals.
"I would practice Astral Projection around the campus. You know, pop into lectures, the dormitories, uh, showers, you know how it is."
"Uh, no."
―Hyman and Penny[src]
  • Astral Projection: Hyman was capable of separating his mind from his physical form to enter the Astral Plane. While at Brakebills, Hyman used this ability to appear in classes and other locations on campus, including the women's showers. The only beings shown to be able to see him are Ghosts, who are able to hurt them, other Magicians on the Astral Plane, and Margo Hanson with her Fairy eye.
  • Possession: During his time on the Astral Plane, Hyman learned to possess objects to interact with the Material Universe when needed. After honing this technique further, he was able to control a variety of objects in rapid succession, such as when he knocked out Margo Hanson with a vase and tied her up.

Former Powers

  • Magic Manipulation: Prior to his death, Cooper was able to shape and manipulate the energy of the Wellspring to cast spells by writing specific formations with his hands, conjuring phosphorescent constructs of energy.
    • Locator Spell: Cooper was able to cast locator spells to find lost objects and track people.


  • Gifted Intellect: As a Brakebills University student, Hyman possesses a high intellect, able to study magical theory and cast spells.

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