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Idri is the present king of Loria, and future husband of Eliot Waugh, the High King of Fillory.


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Not much is known about Idri before the series, except that he had to marry a woman when he was young and had a child with her. Idri meet Eliot when Eliot decided to duel to end the war with Loria prematurely. The duel started off as a noble fight, but it then descended into a cat an mouse chase because Eliot was relying on the power of the wellspring in order to win leaving Idri to run to gain the advantage of surprise this failed as Eliot was a master-swordsman with perfect situational awareness when the wellspring was operational. Nonetheless, Eliot lost his advantage when the wellspring blacked out leaving him defenceless giving Idri an advantage. Eliot using Idri’s strategy to ran away from the rival king, but Eliot hide in a tree above ground to protect himself. Irritated yet composed Idri attempted to cut down the try with his sword. As he was cutting it down, Idri took an occasional break in order to talk as Eliot was trapped. Eliot and Idri remarked of how they were both force to marry women, yet were clearly gay. Eliot and Idri found out that they weren’t that different and that they were each other’s type. However, when the wellspring returned back to full operational capacity Eliot flipped the situation on Idri, but Eliot did not kill Idri and instead decided to split the wellspring 50/50 and Eliot would marry his prize DILF.

In present day, he's engaged to Eliot Waugh.




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