"We could cast an incorporate bond on the bottles."
"Thank you. I don't know what that is, but I hate you less now."
"It's a way to pin a being or object in place. It's like a fourth-dimensional paperweight."
Alice Quinn, Margo Hanson, and Penny Adiyodi[src]

A Incorporate Bond is a powerful spell that binds a being or object to a specific point in space.


Banishment of Mischa Mayakovsky

"I did cast an incorporate bond on Mayakovsky, but I didn't write the spell myself."
"So who wrote it?"
"Mayakovsky did. He didn't know I was going to use it on him. He was the only person capable of writing a spell which he couldn't break."
Henry Fogg and Alice Quinn[src]

Henry Fogg used an incorporate bond to bind Professor Mischa Mayakovsky to Brakebills South as punishment for having an affair with Emily Greenstreet and inadvertently killing Charlie Quinn. Fogg asked Mayakovsky for help designing the spell, as he was the only Magician capable of writing a spell he couldn't break.[1] When the Old Gods sent the Plumber to shut off magic, the bond was lifted from Mayakovsky, who fled from Antarctica with several batteries he made in preparation for his escape.[2]

Binding the Monsters

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