"I mean you're an incubus. Isn't sex, like, your thing?"
"Gods no. I don't even like sex. Stress is a much better way to drain people's energy."
Julia Wicker and the Incubus[src]

Incubi are a race of all-male Magic Creatures who feeds on energy.


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Characteristic Traits

Voltaic Transfer

An incubus' tail.

Incubi appear similar to an average Human male, allowing them to easily blend in with society. However, they also possess a stubby, spiked tail that they can detach without discomfort as they grow a new one every spring.

Incubi are potent energy-drainers that draw energy from humans through emotional stimuli such as lust. However, they are capable of feeding off of other emotions such as stress. Incubi possess the ability to smell a person's emotions, as one was able to detect the stress coming from Julia Wicker and Alice Quinn.[1]

The flesh of an incubus retains its energy-draining properties and can be used as a conduit for a Voltaic Transfer.


  • An Incubus is a traditional folk demon that takes a male form and is known to lie on sleeping women and engage in sexual activity with them.
  • The female version is known as a Succubus.


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