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"I'm Iris, messenger goddess, bon vivant, rainbow aficionado."

Iris was a messenger goddess who helped remove the body of the Nameless.


Becoming a God

Iris was once a human magician and a member of the Library. She along with Baccuss, Aengus, and Heka became gods after sealing and bounding a stone that contained the power of a god into themselves.

"Who's 'Our Lady of the Tree'?"
"You are. I assume they mean the trees you brought back in Fillory. Lovely act of penance. Good moniker for you."
Julia Wicker and Iris[src]

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It’s unknown how she was before her apotheosis to goddesshood, she showed the typical indifferent traits found in most gods. However Iris appeared somewhat different than her pseudo-god brethren. She appeared to enjoy the task of creating new worlds. On occasion she said she would do a miracle or two such as curing a sick child, mostly as to keep up morale with humanity. However when the Monster was released she did whatever she could to survive.

Magic and Abilities

  • Divine Physiology: Iris is a deity, a primordial race of beings with vast magical power.
    • Immortality: Iris is immortal, having existed during the times of Ancient Greece.
    • Divine Magician: Iris possesses an innate magical source unaffected by the Plumber shutting off the Wellspring.
      • World Creation: Iris is able to create entire worlds on her own. She created an extradimensional lab, where she experiments with her creations.
      • Telekinesis: Iris is able to move objects with her mind. Her masterful control enables her to inflict deep cuts on someone, even powerful enough to kill a god.


  • Iris is the goddess of rainbows and a messenger of the gods. She got her name after the Greek word iris "the rainbow" and eiris "messenger."


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