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James is Julia Wicker's ex-boyfriend and a close friend of Quentin Coldwater. Having met the two in high school, James and Julia hit it off quickly and dated beyond high school until Julia's search for magic put a strain on their relationship, and he eventually had his memories erased by Marina Andrieski due to Julia's recklessness.


Meeting Julia and Quentin

"I guess I'm just a silly, bullshit nerd then, huh?"
"Hey, I'm not saying–"
"Which didn't seem to bother you until right around the second you met James."
Quentin Coldwater and Julia Wicker[src]

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James is described in a playful light. He is regarded as handsome and intelligent but also a very nice guy in general, which is what makes it so hard to not like him. He is also described as always being the hero.



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