Joe is a Traveler from another world who was involved in a polyamorous relationship with Daniel and Stephanie Quinn. He later killed himself when The Beast began targeting Travelers throughout the Multiverse.


Affair with Stephanie Quinn

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Joe was first discovered by Daniel Quinn after he caught Stephanie Quinn having an affair with the Traveler and threatened to kill himself. However, Joe later worked out a polyamorous relationship with the two and began visiting them often.


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Magic and Abilities


  • Traveler Physiology: Joe was a Traveler, a magical hybrid capable of teleporting throughout the universe. His physiology is capable of shifting to suit his partners' sexual needs, as Stephanie Quinn refers to him as a 'Swiss Army knife', capable of adapting to every occasion.
    • Teleportation: Joe was able to teleport between his world and Earth.
  • Magic Manipulation Joe was able to shape and manipulate the energy of the Wellspring to cast spells by writing specific formations with his hands, conjuring phosphorescent constructs of energy. According to him, all magic where he comes from is sex magic.
    • Telepathy: As a Traveler, Joe was a natural-born Psychic, capable of hearing the thoughts of others. When The Beast began to target all Travelers, Joe was able to hear the Beast's signal and killed himself to escape it.


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