John Spencer Gaines was a Democratic United States Senator of New York.


John Gaines was born on August 17, 1976, as the result of a rape by Reynard the Fox against Dana Wallens, who used the power of the demigod's birth to banish Reynard from Earth. Three days later, he was delivered by Wallens to Michelle Walker, a nurse at the Union City Children's Hospital, to be placed into adoption. The baby was soon adopted by a wealthy couple who named him John Spencer Gaines.[1]


John was a well-established politician with great charisma and a rational mentality. When he discovered the existence of magic, at first he refused to believe it but he had to accept the reality of the facts when he came face to face with his father. John truly believed everything he told his constituents about believing in people and making the world better. John was fundamentally a good person and feared becoming like his sadistic father Reynard. So much so that after Reynard killed John's wife in an attempt to make John abandon being a good person and embrace his anger and "true nature" as a demigod, John chose to commit suicide and give his life to create a god-killing weapon for Julia and Kady.

Magic and Abilities


  • Demigod Physiology: John Gaines was the demigod son of Reynard the Fox and a human hedge-witch named Dana Wallens, and this made him very powerful on the scale of magical practitioners. He possessed an unfathomable degree of physical and magical ability, more than every Magician on Earth combined, which he used as a natural extension of himself, able to control the thoughts and actions of people throughout his life without even trying, subconsciously influencing everyone he met.
    • Divine Magician: John is described as being more powerful than any Magician, even Professor Mayakovsky, the greatest Magician alive. Like a deity, his magic was used as a natural extension of himself, manifesting primarily as mind control throughout his political campaign. His father, Reynard, attempted to teach him to fully control his abilities to aid him in his crusade. Julia Wicker theorized that John could learn to harness magic due to his heritage and that if he were to learn the necessary spells, he could potentially battle and kill Reynard, suggesting that he was strong enough to kill a god. The limits of his abilities were never explored, if there were any.
      • Mind control: As a demigod, John innately possessed the ability to impose his will on the minds of others. With the help of Reynard, he was able to consciously use this ability, notably doing so on Kady, bypassing her mental wards entirely. This ability earned him considerable advantages in his political career because none of his applications or policy proposals were ever hampered. Prior to being made aware of his compulsion on others, he used this ability reflexively, notably controlling entire crowds of people effortlessly throughout his career as a politician. He had also been unknowingly using this ability on his wife for the majority of their relationship and was visibly disturbed when he realized this.
      • Magical pulse: When threatened by a Shadeless Julia Wicker, John was able to create a burst of energy powerful enough to throw Julia, Penny, and Kady across the room and through the door of his office. When he did so, his eyes glowed a bright golden color, similar to his father's, and he soon collapsed from the strain of releasing such a high amount of magic.


  • Gifted Social Intuit: John, as a politician, has a high degree of social confidence, allowing him to intuitively determine how to interact with others, gain their respect and get his point across with a calmness, eloquence, and charisma that was sometimes aided by his ability to impose his will on others reflexively.
  • Skilled Leader: John is an extremely skilled leader in his own right, able to successfully lead his political campaign as Senator for years, gaining enough support to begin contemplating running for President.





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