John McNamara is an executive producer and writer for The Magicians.



He attended East Grand Rapids High School located in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan and New York University. He is co-creator of a short-lived television series called Profit which ran on the Fox network in April 1996, as well as Vengeance Unlimited for ABC in 1998 and Fastlane for Fox in 2002. McNamara went on to executive produce several other television shows, including The Fugitive (a remake from 2000-2001 season) and Eyes. In 2007, he served a stint as Consulting Producer on the series Jericho. In 2010, McNamara joined the production of In Plain Sight as Executive Producer for Season 3.[1] McNamara was the supervising producer for 23 episodes of the TV show Lois and Clark.[2] He worked on the NBC show Aquarius that stars David Duchovny and currently works on the Syfy series The Magicians based on the bestselling Lev Grossman novel of the same name. McNamara wrote and co-produced the feature film Trumbo, for which Bryan Cranston was nominated for an Academy Award, as Dalton Trumbo, one of The Hollywood Ten blacklisted screenwriters. The film, directed by Jay Roach, was released on November 6, 2015.[3] Trumbo was nominated by the Writers Guild of America for Best Adapted Screenplay and McNamara was awarded the WGAW's Paul Selvin Award which honors writers whose work “embodies the spirit of the constitutional and civil right liberties that are indispensable to the survival of free writers everywhere.”[4]


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