Friar Joseph is a powerful Niffin that was sought after by Alice when she herself became a Niffin.


Early Life

In life, Joseph was a monk who lived in a monastery in Dublin, Ireland 600 years ago. While performing magic he befell the fate of magicians who attempt to use magic they can't handle and was consumed by it, becoming a Niffin. As a Niffin, he achieved the ability to escape being "Boxed" and therefore could not be defeated. He spent 600 years travelling the universe, free from the threat of boxing, learning everything he could. Even a fellow Niffin, Alice Quinn, became enamored with him, aching to learn from him and become his protégé, Showing just how profound his knowledge and power was.


His human personality is unknown. However, Friar Joseph is thought to be an ambitious and curious man, that was trying to achieve better magic. This reflects into his Niffin state, as he was the only Niffin known to achieve invulnerability to being boxed. The process of becoming a Niffin resulted in the loss of his Shade and although he is much more sadistic, he still maintains his love for magic.

Magic and Abilities


  • Niffin magic: As a Niffin, Friar Joseph is a being of pure magical energy which allows him to perform magical acts that far exceeds the capabilities of human magicians. However, he is a magical creature that draws directly from the Wellspring and is affected when access to it was cut off by the gods resulting in him slowly growing weaker until it is implied that he eventually faded away. While he was not shown to do much magic, he is feared by some and praised by others, such as Alice Quinn, because of the incredible feats of magic he has performed. The most notable of which was achieving invulnerability to boxing, a skill shown when the other monks tried to box him but failed repeatedly.
    • Interdimensional Travel: Joseph is able to travel anywhere throughout the universe.
    • Enhanced Senses: As a Niffin, Joseph perceives, understands, and uses magic to a much more profound degree than any human granting him a limited form of omniscience. Having existed for 600 years traveling the universe and learning its secrets, Joseph has stated that "The things I know now, You couldn't possibly imagine".


  • Unboxable: Friar Joseph has achieved a skill no other Niffin has been capable of: he cannot be boxed. He could be considered the most dangerous Niffin in history.


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